Mobstac: The Journey – 1

I became a permanent employee of MobStac on this day in 2011. We were working from Sharat’s apartments during the first few months of 2011. In the last fifteen months, I have witnessed our little startup catching the fancy of who’s who of mobile internet world. We have just concluded a quarter on a high. All of us gathered at our old office ,i.e. Sharat’s Apartment, to celebrate the end of a happening quarter and mark the beginning of another one, a more happening one . We remembered the old days at the quarter end party. MobStac has come a long way since it was born on 10th of June, 2009. Following are some of the incidents that we shared during the party.

MobStac was started in a small apartment in Indiranagar, Bangalore. Garage,the first computer that MobStac bought, our esteemed printer, ‘Bob Marley’ (named so because it can jam like no other printer in the world), the memorable center table and all other office stuff were shinning back then. As we iterated through our product idea, these things lost shine but they became dearer. When we become a billion dollar company, we are gonna build a museum of the firsts (only the things) at MobStac.

MobStac was among the finalists at The Economic Times, The Power of Ideas. As a result, Ravi and Sharat got an opportunity to pitch the idea of MobStac in front of a couple of investors. Those investors didn’t even bother to look at what MobStac had got. They interrupted Ravi and Sharat multiple times during the presentation. Within two minutes after the start of presentation, the investors asked to wind up and come back with more facts and figures. Sharat always says that you have to be thick skinned to become an entrepreneur. I believe, he is right. “It doesn’t matter how hard you hit, it matters how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done.” We have been doing exactly that.

Well, such events disheartened Ravi and Sharat. But, they continued to try with a firm belief in their idea. They say that, “Where there is a will, there is a way.” Finally, Ravi and Sharat got a pool of angels interested in investing in MobStac. These people believed in the vision of Sharat and Ravi, put their faith in them and provided the seed funding for MobStac. Later Accel Partners and Mumbai Angels invested in MobStac.

We went to Techcrunch Disrupt in September, 2011. We developed the world’s first of its kind HTML5 product within four months. Most of the hot shot technical bloggers, investors and technocrats were amazed by the demonstration of MobStac’s Touchsite product. We are thankful to publishers and bloggers, who liked our product, wrote about us and believed in us. We have been compared with many global startups yet and again. Fortunately, our product has always been judged better than any other similar product. We believe that all that matters now is how fast we move. The race is on guys. We are gonna win it (Touchwood :)).

There is a lot that happens in Mobstac everyday. I would keep posting the exciting news.

Wish us luck!!