Dictionary Meaning:

The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.

You never know when, how, and where will you be stung by dishonest people. We break the rules to make a little more money; we deceive people to gain advantage; we break relationships in our selfishness to live only for ourselves; we steal; we do everything at the cost of others to please our little self.

A couple of days ago, my bike was punctured. I dragged my bike to a mechanic’s shop  just outside my apartment. He told me that he fixes the puncture just to get customers. Otherwise, he is a mechanic, who specialises in fixing all major brands of two wheelers. He asked me to leave my bike at his workshop for about an hour. So, I left my bike at the shop.

I went back to the workshop to pick up my bike. He told me there were two punctures. I paid him the money.

When I checked my bike the next day, it was still punctured. I was getting late to office. I was pissed off at the workshop mechanic. The only question I had in my mind was if this guy cannot fix a puncture, how will he fix more technical problems with a bike. Anyway, I texted that I will be late to office. I dragged my bike to the same workshop again.

Now, the mechanic asked me to change the tyre tube itself. When I checked the old tyre tube, I realised that only one puncture was fixed. The mechanic had cheated me a day before by charging me extra money.

The mechanic had no integrity. He has lost the faith one customer, who was impressed earlier by the fact that despite being a mechanic, this guy is fixing punctures to give better customer experience, for a small gain of 50 bucks. I might have one day given him more financially rewarding work. But, he does not stand a chance with me now.

I learned two lessons from this incident. One, you should never compromise integrity irrespective of the magnitude of gain you might have. Second, whatever wrong you do, it comes back to you. It was unfortunate for the mechanic that he punctured the tyre tube again while putting it back into the tyre.

As they say

Tragedy in life normally comes with betrayal and compromise, and trading on your integrity and not having dignity in life. That’s really where failure comes.