Zindagi Ka Safar

Anu and Arjun met on a trek in Mumbai. Arjun was an engineer. Even though he studied at the best engineering institution in India, he found his calling in adventure sports. Anu was a multitalented woman. She earned a PHD from IISc. She was an artist, a classical dancer and much more. It is natural for a man to fall for such a woman. Arjun was no exception.

Arjun proposed Anu. Anu refused to accept. But, Arjun would not give up. He came to Bangalore for Anu. Arjun would cook food (he loved to cook) for Anu and cycle for hours to see her. Oftentimes, he would not be able to muster enough courage to meet her and come back. As quoted in Original Sin, “You cannot walk away from Love”, Anu finally acknowledged Arjun’s love.

Anu’s parents wanted her to get married in a traditional Brahmin family. When Anu realised that she would be unable to convince her parents to let her marry Arjun, she moved to Bangalore. They registered a court marriage in the presence of close friends. Arjun rented a small house. Although he was passionate about adventure sports, Arjun wanted to earn more and do more for the love of his life. Arjun’s every action was intended to do more for Anu.

There is a difference between love and lust. As quoted in “Original Sin”:

“To love someone is to give and then want to give more.

And lust?

What is lust, Alan?

Lust is to take and then take more.

To devour, to consume. No logic, no reason.”

Arjun was truly in love with Anu. He was so possessive of Anu that he would not let anybody eat the omelette that Arjun cooked specially for Anu. While there were many problems, these smaller gestures kept Arjun and Anu happy and their relation strengthened.

Arjun’s family was happy about his marriage. Arjun and Anu were ready to go to Patna to celebrate their wedding over a big function with Arjun’s family. But, before they could leave first cardiac arrest struck Anu. Anu’s heart stopped beating for ten minutes. Arjun held her in her arms and ran to the hospital. Fortunately. doctors could save Anu’s life. Anu took about a month to recover from the heart attack.

Arjun started searching for a job outside of Bangalore. While Arjun was out on an assignment, his mother took care of Anu. Arjun’s mother left after a month.

Arjun found a job in Jaipur. He went to Jaipur to arrange for a house. He had planned to come back in a week and take Anu along with him to Jaipur. Anu was alone in Bangalore. A heart attack hit her in the middle of the night. This heart attack killed her. Arjun was not there to take her in his arms this time.

Both Arjun and Anu were highly qualified. They had the capability to do anything. But, situations, circumstances and choices made their life difficult. Arjun and Anu could live together only for three months after their marriage.

May god give strength to Arjun to find a new meaning of his life.

May Anu’s soul rest in peace.

Aise jeevan bhi hai,

Jo jiye hi nahi,

Jinko jeene se pehle hi,

maut aa gayi,

Phool aise bhi hai,

Jinko khilne se pehle,

Fiza kha gayi…

PS: This is a true story.