A Lesson Learned

When a kid is born, his parents start believing that their kid will become the next child prodigy. As the kid grows, he also starts believing in his dexterity in doing just anything. His first encounter with the outside world happens when he goes to his school. For the first time, he comes to know that he is not good at everything. Gradually, he understands that it is fine to be second or third or a last ranker in the class.

There are many such facts that we learn to accept as we grow old. But, there are somethings that we never compromise on. These things define our values and make us what we are. When we compromise on these values, we put ourselves under a lot of pressure. Being practical causes a lot of stress. In such situations, our heart loses sync with our mind.

Is it possible to keep our heart and mind in sync? In my opinion, whenever conflict arises, we should suppress both our mind and heart a little. In this way we would find a middle path, which will console both the mind and heart. Being free matters to me the most, but I cannot be free to do anything. I can be free to the right extent. I can be free until my being free doesn’t affect others and the system, I am a part of.

This is a lesson that I have learned the hard way. I have learned to take a balanced decision when there is a conflict between the heart and mind.

~ Cheers!!