Recruitment at ITBHU

I ushered into the new year working until early mornings. While the coding part of my life keeps me occupied, the new year has given me many pleasant reasons to look beyond the code. I visited ITBHU, my alma mater, for recruitment on 12th of January 2012. I completed one year at MobStac on 12th January.

As I moved along the hostels, the nostalgia hit me. The memories flashed as I moved past Raman, Morvi and Viveka hostels. DG corner and Limbdi corner was still abuzz with activity. The tea stalls and Chaube ji’s shop have grown in size, so does the crowd in front of each stall.

I was welcomed with enthusiasm at the Training and Placement Office (TPO). All the arrangements for the pre placement talk(PPT) were done in G14. My eyes were set on the students as I entered the hall. Six years back, I was sitting right there among the students. Now, I was on the other side of the room. As I started the PPT, people got more interested in knowing about our product and the history of Mobstac. Many students actually showed interest in trying out the product when I demonstrated Intomobile’s Touchsite on my iPad. About 80 students applied for open positions in MobStac. We made one offer at ITBHU.

The smoking tea, samosas at DG corner, VT, departments, t-shirts depicting IT lingo, well lit Basket Ball Court, Volleyball matches reminded me of my days at IT. I was too busy to visit hostels and departments. But, I totally relished my time at IT.

Nayan, who interned with us last summer, and the Student Coordinator facilitated all the phases of recruitment. A big thanks to Nayan, student coordinator and the staff at the TPO. I hope to visit ITBHU again for rectuitment.