Anjaana Anjaani…

Note: When I say ‘we’, I mean most of us.

All of us come to this world, crying. Our parents pamper us, they make us feel special and they teach us how to smile. As we grow up, we develop our perceptions of emotions such as love, hate, relations etc.

We also develop fears of losing something that we love, we develop fears of facing something that we hate. We develop more fears with each passing day. The fears take control of our lives. We surrender our lives to these fears. We forget to love our life, pamper it and protect it from these fears. Some of us become so scared that we decide to give up this life that we do not own.

So, Anjaana Anjaani starts here. Two of us, Kiara, the heartbroken, and Aakash, the market broken, wanted to die. They attempted to die together. Unable to die, both of them postponed their suicide until 31st Dec 2009.

So, Aakash and Kiara decided to fulfill their heartfelt desires until 2009 survives. Aakash wanted to be loved. Kiara too had the same wish. She had loved Kunal so much that she decided to kill herself when Kunal cheated her. As Aakash started knowing Kiara, he fell in love with her. But, our beloved Kiara was still in love with her old buddy Kunal. Things got complicated. Kiara came back home to start it all over again with Kunal. Aakash went back to his life, corrected his mistakes.

But, picture abhi baaki hai mere dost. Kiara realized that she loved Aakash. Things got complicated again. They met, they got drenched and they proposed each other. Wow!!

Anjaana Anjaani ends here.

It may take a lifetime or just twenty days or just an eye contact to fall in love. I believe, twenty days is a shorter route to happiness. At some moment the loss may be so big that the desire to live ceases, but we must try to find a reason to live and give up our fears. Indeed, Life is worth a try until divine intervention happens. So, live it up guys!!