Stanley ka Dabba

Instead of taking a siesta today after the sumptuous homely lunch, I started watching Stanley Ka Dabba. The movie was shot in a school, where Stanley was a student in class fourth. Stanley was a very cheerful kid, who used to entertain his classmates by telling them interesting stories or dancing. When I switched on the television, Stanley was dancing to the tune of the famous Kaminey song, Dhan Te Nan.

Although Stanley was the cynosure of class fourth, he had a nemesis in the form his Hindi teacher, HT. HT was also an interesting character. He would keep an eye on everybody’s tiffin box in the school, and, would not think twice before grabbing a morsel or two from their dabba. HT would vent out his frustration on Stanley often. He would curse Stanley, punish him or do something to hurt him.

Stanley would never get a tiffin box. Sometimes his classmates would share their lunch with him. Oftentimes, Stanley would drink water to quench his hunger. A kid, who studied in class fourth, had so much will power and self respect that he preferred drinking water to sharing lunch with his classmates. When Stanley’s friends forced him to eat with them, HT would not let Stanley eat.

So, HT got increasingly interested in the dabba of one of the Stanley’s friends, Aman. Everyday, he would shamelessly eat from Aman’s tiffin box. Aman and other kids wanted Stanley to eat with them, but HT would not allow Stanley to eat with other kids because Stanley did not bring dabba. So, all the kids would plan and fled away during the lunch. HT was frustrated with the children’s behavior. During the recess, HT would search for the Aman et. al. One day HT found the children. He scolded Stanley and asked him not come to school if he did not get a dabba. So, Stanley was thrown out of his school for not getting a dabba.

It was shown in the movie later that Stanley was working in a hotel. His parents were no more. But, he would never complain about it and not let anybody know what he has got in his life. I am writing this post because I have seen people making fun of somebody because of some trivial reason. We never try to understand that situations make people what they are. We must respect other people irrespective of what they have got. Being compassionate will not cost us anything. Because we would not always know what other people’s journey have been all about.



3 Responses to Stanley ka Dabba

  1. anshuta says:

    superlike!! Mishra ji. I hvn’t seen the movie , but liked the above story. No doubt that movie script is fresh and different. But the way you summarized it here is good . Nice way of story telling .

  2. Ravish says:

    Thank you Awasthi ji.

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