Happy Independence Day

18th August is a very special day for me. An year ago, I quit my job without much idea about what I’m gonna do next. I did not have much idea about what would it take to act on my dreams.

The first two months were excruciating. Everyday, I would wake up and see others going to work. Sometimes I would become desperate for that cozy place in an office. Then, I would start reading, trying to search for a worthwhile idea or doing something to keep myself busy. I was alone, tired and frustrated at the end of each day. Sometimes, I felt like grabbing a job again. I did schedule a couple of interviews. But, when I had to take up the interview, my mind just refused to take it up. My mind refused to retreat under any circumstance. I read read and read during the first two months.

When I could not think of an idea, it seemed to me a better idea to freelance with web startups. Now, I did not have any experience in web development. I started meeting people, asking them to delegate projects, which I would do for nothing. Gradually, I learned about web development. During the last one year, I worked on front end back end and fixed many other loose ends. I worked with MobStac as freelancer first. Later, Ravi and Sharat, two people who are incredibly smart, ethical and down to earth, asked me to join MobStac as a core team member. So, I joined MobStac in April 2011. Everyday, I learn something new. It has been a great journey so far.

Although I have gained a lot during the last one year, the most important lessons that I learned are following:

  • I have learned to face my fears. Nothing rules me now. I feel free.
  • I have learned to keep patience.
  • I have gained tremendous belief in myself.
  • I have learned to keep the faith.
  • I am learning to be unreasonable. I don’t want to leave any scope of mediocrity in anything I do.
  • Finally, I am discovering myself. I am competing with myself now.

Trust me, you will feel the best when you know how to be yourself.



2 Responses to Happy Independence Day

  1. Interesting, I didn’t realize it’s been a year since you quit to strike it out in the world of startups! I can safely say that MobStac is grateful that you’re a part of the core team and doing what you do every single day 🙂

    Well written, Ravish. Keep the posts coming!

  2. Ravish says:

    Thank you Ravi. I am honored to be a part of team MobStac.

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