Entrepreneurship, Love and Nirvana

Everybody loves to talk about entrepreneurship. Although I am not an entrepreneur at this point of time, some people consider me, a core team member in one of the hottest Indian startups, worthy enough to get some gnan about entrepreneurship. But, most of the people ask questions about how their personal life would be, how well will they get paid, how is the company doing, does company have funds to survive, how would an early stage employee grow in the next few years etc.

Well, to be frank, such people will never start a company. Moreover, most of the startups would not even hire them. Start ups look for people, who are self motivated, who care more about building a product that would change the world in some way than being able to go and freak out every weekend. Changing the world isn’t easy and most people are not cut out to do so.

There are people, who have got ideas as well. They work hard to give a shape to their idea but they don’t quit their job. Well, nobody, repeat n times where n is a very large number, would invest in a company, whose founders are more worried about their day job than going 24X7 building their idea. I would like to shout it loud to all the people, who have proof of concept, to quit their job and start believing that they are building the most incredible thing the world has ever seen. Yeah, unless you breathe your idea consciously and unconsciously, you would probably give up one fine day.

If you have entrepreneurial ambitions, you may find true love. A girl will love an entrepreneur only if she loves you as a person. Hence, entrepreneurship is a way to find true love.

Whenever a company decides to reduce the headcount, we get worried. When appraisal happens, we get worried irrespective of how well we have done. Excellent people want an outstanding appraisal, good people want excellent, average people want to be graded as good and below average, well, they don’t really think. They are the saints, who give average people a reason to feel good about themselves. If your boss is only worried about saving his ars*, you are screwed. Well, a job gives you many worries in return of a paycheck. These worries don’t help you in any way. They just cripple your mind.

If you become an entrepreneur, you have only one critical worry at a time. First, the speed at which the product is being built. We can break this worry into smaller worries (Remember, concepts of Memoization). Once the product takes shape, the worry would be whether the product is getting sufficient traction. Well, if the product doesn’t get traction, you are back to square one. Think of a new idea and start over again. But, when the product gets traction, milking of the bull starts. Once you are able to milk the bulls, you get cash cows, which help you earn enough to survive your next startups or ten generations, may be more. So, entrepreneurship gives worries that make you better with each passing day, and may, possibly, help you in leaving a legacy. Either outstanding people or saints become entrepreneurs. Excellent, good and average people go the top through the usual path, one step at a time. If you believe you can fly, you have 50% chance to fly and reach the top through the shortcut.

If you have cash cows, you would employ many people. Helping so many people would get you a seat in heaven. Hence, entrepreneurship is another way to attain nirvana.

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