An Eventful Friday

Predicting the future is like tossing an unbiased coin. Every outcome has 50% chance to occur. As I write this post, India may make its way to victory or lose it out to the Lankans. Viru knocked out by the very second delivery followed by Sachin a few overs later. I am sure many have already lost hope, but I still believe that we have 50% chance to win the world cup. A game is not over, until it is over. And, Indian team is not a quitter. So, keep cheering up India.

Yesterday, I attended Android Camp. A lot of enthusiastic Android developers, Android evangelists and entrepreneurs had gathered at the camp to show their work, recruit Android experts and break into the entrepreneurial network in Bangalore. There was also a retard, A (I choose A because A is the first letter for seven letter word that aptly describes such people),who presented his tryst with Android. At the beginning of the presentation, A, the retard, warned people of the foul language that he was going to use during the presentation. He was in love with word F**K. A hottie accompanying him might be the reason behind it but he shamelessly used the F word during the presentation.

The best part of the Android Camp was the discussion that happened at the end of the session. People expressed their views on why they love an Android phone and why it sucks sometimes. The geeks at the camp complained about the battery life of android phones and then came up few tricks that can be used to increase the battery life. People expressed their concerns about making money with Android apps. There is still the need for a successful business model for making money out of Android apps. I have heard that Apple is going to launch a 200$ iPhone. People at Android camp claimed that it is a rumor. But, as far as I can think services are going to make more sense in the future. So, Apple would not like to miss a chance to reach to the masses. Overall, I totally enjoyed friday with the geeks.

I attended the launch of the book, The Fresh Brew, in the evening. The book is about twenty-five entrepreneurs from IIM Lucknow. Subroto Bagchi and few other entrepreneurs, whose stories are written in the book, shared interesting incidents from their entrepreneurial journey.

One of the founders of MeritTrac, Murlidhar S, narrated what they went through when recession hit the Indian software industry in 2000. The effect of recession was further aggravated by 9/11 attack on US. MeritTrac had funds to survive for the next five months if all the people in the company, eight employees and three founders, don’t draw their salaries. The founders decided to make all the employees aware of the situation. Seven out of eight employees extended their support to the company immediately. One of them asked for a day to decide. He wanted to discuss with his wife before reaching to a conclusion as they had a one month old kid. The next day he also extended his support to MeritTrac. Murli went on to tell us about one of the employees, who needed a monthly salary to keep her monthly expenses rolling. It was difficult for her to keep up with the expenses, if she did not receive salary for a month. In spite of the financial crisis, she extended her support to the company. This is the spirit of entrepreneurship. Murli believes that MeritTrac is what it is because of these eight employees.

Getting inspired is good. Ratnesh Mathur, founder of GenieKids, told us about a guy who approached him after reading ‘The Fresh Brew’. He had quit his job and wanted to work with Ratnesh to open a school on the similar lines as GenieKids. I wish him all the best in his endeavors. I hope that people will actually start doing things that they think they should do. They would not wait for their life to get promoted.