Lessons from Life

Having spent more than a quarter of my life, I have learned a few things that, I believe, would be guiding me through the rest of my life.

  • Relationships should be valued more than anything else. Once broken, it cannot be repaired irrespective of how much ever you try.
  • Do what you love and love what you do. As Steve Jobs once said, “Don’t live in dogma. Don’t live a life, which is the result of other’s thinking”.  If you really want to shine in your life, just do what your heart says. I am working for less than half of what I used to earn in my previous job. Now, my work is not in any way related to what I have done in the last six years. But, I love it. I love it when we write about new features being rolled out by MobStac. Every day, I want to do more.  Not only I am learning to build web applications, I am also learning to build a company. I am witnessing how a product evolves and catches the fascination of people. Now, I am in the company of real entrepreneurs, who want to create a successful product company. The coffee breaks are not about the usual gossips anymore. Now, we talk about our experiences as a freelancer, a CEO, a CTO or a core team member.  I am getting to know more about the likes of Tiger Cubs of Tiger Management, Captain Gopinath of Deccan Aviation and Naveen Tiwari of InMobi. Now, I am learning that you have to fail 300 times before you succeed in the 301st attempt.
  • You should be always motivated. Be excited about what you are doing. If you do so, you will never have to drag yourself to do something.
  • Don’t compare yourself with others. Be yourself. Understand that you might take longer to do something than other people. Remember, “The race is long and in the end it is with yourself”. If you persevere, everything is possible.
  • Take your own decisions. Nobody else can decide what is right for you.
  • Understand that you won’t get everything you have longed for. What matters is that you keep trying.
  • Stay calm in every situation. Keep patience. Things come and go. Life keeps moving on.
  • Finally, life is unpredictable. Live it before you die.



Take your ‘blogs/dynamic website’ mobile in a jiffy

Back in 2000, the mobile phones were still evolving. As I sailed through the college days,  I noticed that a lot of people started using mobile phones. Back then, mobiles phones were mostly used for voice services and texting. Fast forward to 2011, most of us own a smart phone. Now, we don’t hesitate to log into the in’ernet through mobile phones. E-mail, Facebook and Twitter applications are a few examples that keep us hooked on to our smart phones. As the mobile phones are evolving, a large number of people have started browsing the net for news, blog updates, twitter and other dynamically updated websites.

We, at MobStac, are facilitating the mobile content creation through our sophisticated and innovative products. We can render you blog in a mobile friendly format as soon as you register your blog with us. The good news is that you can use our product for absolutely nothing. If you like our product and want to enable all the premium features, such as access to Disqus comments or customized search, you have to shell out a small amount of money. The blogs registered with us are already clocking about 1.3 million hits per month. We have received extremely positive feedback from our customers, who have already started making money though different ad networks that we support. I would urge you to click here and try our product now.

We have developed a product for the enterprise customers also. If you have a dynamic website, this product will help you to give your users a lightening fast access to your website on their mobile phones. The Hindu’s mobile portal is powered by MobStac. Please visit The Hindu Mobile through your mobile phones(any phone with internet access) to check the future of mobile websites. If you need more information about our enterprise product, please visit


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