No Fear. No Retreat

Last two months have been a different experience for me. My neighbor asked me once whether I have lost my job. When I go out to my club in the evening, people ask what I actually do for a living. I met a guy in the club, who started the India center of Rittman Mead Consulting after working with Oracle for a couple of years. Search for Venkat Janakiraman if you want to know more about him. Recently, I met the founder of Revu. He told me about his journey as an entrepreneur. Everyday, I come across so many people, who want to write their own story. Now, Indian youth love to do their own thing.

Oftentimes, the job lured me like the ring in LOTR attracts its possessor. Well, it is difficult to overcome your fears. After spending months in reading about startups, ideas and what not, I came across a couple of ideas, which have the potential to make money in the Indian market also. But, I believed that being alone was a barrier to start executing an idea. Then, I started to hunt for consulting projects. While I met many people, who assured that they would delegated projects to me, I realized that it is difficult to actually fetch work from them.

I am living the time of my life. Everyday I wake up with a hope and work through the day to keep it alive. The news is that I might be setting up a company with a couple of guys I met recently. If things work out, I would be the technical founder of the company.

In any case, I would keep trying. I do not have the fear of failure or an option to retreat. Now, there is no looking back.