Change is good

It has been ten days since I do not have a job. Sometimes, the heart starts pounding at the thought of not having a job but, oftentimes, it gives a hope to become somebody, who is doing exactly what he wants. Now, I am more concerned to be more knowledgeable with each passing day. I read a lot. I hunt for ideas and, sometimes, I do program for fun.

I have associated myself with WitInnovation, an IT services based start up, as a Business Development Consultant. Now, I am hunting for people who need web-based business solutions. If you are an artist, you might need a website to promote your brand. If you are a growing store, you might need an e-commerce website to grow your business. Moreover, WitInnovation has come up with innovative products. One such product is HighOnStocks. Don’t forget to check out the product if you are the guy, who plays in the stock market regularly. WitInnovation has provided quality solutions for the business needs of many companies in India and abroad during the last few years. If you or your company needs a web-based business solution or human resources, please get in touch with us ASAP.

I am also building up my idea. I hope to start its development soon. Many people told me that there is no dearth of ideas, but the people, who really do something about the ideas, are certainly less in number. Trust me, finding a worthwhile idea is as difficult as finding a chick, who would date an entrepreneur. Having met serial entrepreneurs, venture capitalist and executives, I have learned that an idea must make sense before one actually starts to implement it. For this reason, most of my fascinating ideas stopped making sense when I researched them. Even now, I discuss my ideas with people daily. First question people ask is about the need of the ideas. If the idea is filling a gap, can people discover it. If it is discoverable, will people use it for a long time i.e. Is the idea sustainable? If so, will people pay for it? Understanding the market needs is the most daunting task at hand. Technology comes next.

In India, people are not willing to pay for software. So, if somebody is working on a B2C model, he must offer something tangible so that people do not hesitate to pay for it. I could not stop laughing, when I heard that a big automobile store wanted a complete CRM solution for twenty thousand rupees. Times are changing. I hope that Indian psyche will change too.