Final Destination

I was returning from Jayanagar through the Garuda Mall route. As I moved ahead of the Hosmat Hospital Signal, a tree broke and fell on the road. It was a huge tree, which also broke the overhead transmission lines during its free fall. It was like a sequence in the movie, next in the Final Destination. Series. As I moved ahead, praying that nobody would have become the victim of this tragedy, I noticed a man lying on the road. He was unconscious. People carried him to an auto, which hurried to Hosmat Hospital.

I resumed my journey to the home. I had only one question in my mind, what is life? Suddenly, a tree may fall and put a full stop to everything our senses can smell, taste, feel, listen and see. I have seen so many accidents in this year that I do not wish to see anybody getting hurt or dying in an accident anymore. There are some things that we cannot control, but there are many more things that we must do be safe, alive and happy.



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