Leap of Faith

It has been more than six years since I am working in the technical industry. Being a graduate from a reputed institution, I grabbed jobs easily, but every moment, I spent working on mobile phones or 4G base stations, left me questioning, “Is this really what I want to do?” An MBA, I thought, would serve my purpose better by providing me with a launch pad. But as they say, life is what calls the shots when you have other plans. MBA plans did not work out.

Time flies by. It feels as if six years have gone in a jiffy. When I look back, I certainly feel that this ain’t what I should have been doing. So, one fine day when my manager was telling me what is keeping me from being in the top five percent of the engineers working in Cisco, I realized the need to think about it. I remembered the days when I was preparing for JEE. Nobody had even dreamt that I, an ordinary guy from an ultra ordinary family, would make it through. I am that Ravish Mishra, who in spite of everything going against him cleared JEE twice. I was that Ravish Mishra, who would never cease to dream. Suddenly, what changed me? After thinking about my past and comparing it to my present, I decided to take the leap of faith. I have resigned from my current job and I would be doing what I want. I decided to not commit a sin by not realizing my dreams.

I feel free today. After a month, I would introduce myself as an entrepreneur.



Joy Never Dies

Yesterday, I watched Anand yet again. How I wish that Anand had not died in the movie. But then as Anand said

Babu Moshai, we are mere puppets in the game of life and death. Whatever happens here, we do not know for it is all in the hands of the Almighty.

How true. Who knew that one of the most revered persons in my life would suddenly leave me forever; who knew that one of the most enthusiastic persons, I have ever met in my life, would suddenly disappear. I miss her from the deep in my heart. In the darkest hours of the nights, I see her smiling face. But, when I open my eyes, I realize that she is gone. I would never be able to see her again.

I still remember her playing an old Hindi classic song in the middle of the night. She was like rainbow, which has many hues. Having spent years with her, I discovered these hues. Even at the age of 55, she learned to play her favorites on the synthesizer. She was the first who made me believe that nothing is impossible. A believer in life, she always made me believe that life is indeed beautiful. In one of the dialogues, Anand said

Babu Moshai, life should be big, not long.”

She definitely lived a bigger life, bigger than many of us. She never discriminated people based on their social status. She would always help the people in need. She touched many lives. Her mere presence gave strength to many, including me. Now that she is gone, I can only thank her for everything she has done for me. I am fortunate to have her in my life.

My maternal aunt, maternal uncle and their daughter, my beloved sister, died in a tragic road accident on April 12th, 2010.  I am writing this post to pay them my tribute. Anand ends with the quote that “Anand didn’t die. Joy never dies”. Now, I understand that some people, such as my maternal aunt, never die. They live in the hearts of people for ever.