Hitchhiker’s trip to the heaven

Wind was blowing fast,
Clouds were overcast,
it was about to rain cats and dogs…
Adoring the weather so soothing,
I walked out of the building,
As soon as I came a bit far,
It started raining pretty hard,
I found shelter under a shed,
In some time water droplets fell on my head,
I was cursing myself for not carrying umbrella,
Then I saw a familiar fella,
I decide to hitchhike on his trendy bike,
When he did not stop, the situation became a bit tight,
It was getting dark N the rain was not going to stop,
I started treading the lonely path,
Suddenly a car came closer to me and stopped,
A low pitch voice asked me to come fast,
I ran to car as if I were insane,
Just then the affair began,
She unlocked the front door asking me to slip in,
I was shocked,thinking whether I am going to be in love again,
Her face was covered with long shiny hair,
I was getting desperate to be with her forever,
She was in perfect shape, 36-24-36 to be specific,
The shiny blue gown was making her even more cherubic,
She asked me “what would I get in return, if I drop you in heaven?”
I was unable to understand her question,
She said again,”You know, nothing comes for free?”
I took out my wallet, asked her to take all I had,
That’s when she showed me her face,
I could not believe that I had met the same vampire again,
Next, two dots were adoring my neck,
Out of blood, I was unable to run away,
Then, the alarm bell rang,
Everything was fine, I was ready to live again..



One Response to Hitchhiker’s trip to the heaven

  1. Kakka says:

    U were listening to Otel California , when u wrote the poem…

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