To the moon

Two of us have just started,
We are moving ahead,
We will take off soon,
Our next stop is the-moon…

We are close to the edge,
We’ve cracked the maze,
Soon, it would be a free fall,
We are sure to enjoy this all..

Until now we were unsure,
Recently, we found the cure,
Now that there is clarity,
We started believing in insanity..

A black cloth covering our eyes,
We were believing the lies,
The truth is the new information,
We have found our new destination…



Hitchhiker’s trip to the heaven

Wind was blowing fast,
Clouds were overcast,
it was about to rain cats and dogs…
Adoring the weather so soothing,
I walked out of the building,
As soon as I came a bit far,
It started raining pretty hard,
I found shelter under a shed,
In some time water droplets fell on my head,
I was cursing myself for not carrying umbrella,
Then I saw a familiar fella,
I decide to hitchhike on his trendy bike,
When he did not stop, the situation became a bit tight,
It was getting dark N the rain was not going to stop,
I started treading the lonely path,
Suddenly a car came closer to me and stopped,
A low pitch voice asked me to come fast,
I ran to car as if I were insane,
Just then the affair began,
She unlocked the front door asking me to slip in,
I was shocked,thinking whether I am going to be in love again,
Her face was covered with long shiny hair,
I was getting desperate to be with her forever,
She was in perfect shape, 36-24-36 to be specific,
The shiny blue gown was making her even more cherubic,
She asked me “what would I get in return, if I drop you in heaven?”
I was unable to understand her question,
She said again,”You know, nothing comes for free?”
I took out my wallet, asked her to take all I had,
That’s when she showed me her face,
I could not believe that I had met the same vampire again,
Next, two dots were adoring my neck,
Out of blood, I was unable to run away,
Then, the alarm bell rang,
Everything was fine, I was ready to live again..