Ab hai neend kise, ab hai chain kahan..

Maar Daala

1. I could not sleep yesterday.

2. I prefer to watch late night movie shows.

3. Yesterday, I chose to watch Mani Ratnam’s most awaited movie of the year, Raavan.

4. It resembles Ramayana to some extent, but ,remember, it is not Ramayana.

5. Sanjeevani, Govinda, was pathetic. I am still wondering how did he manage to jump across the trees.  I am sure he broke many trees during the movie shoot.

6. Aish still looks beautiful. She is a good classical dancer. When she was with Dev, her husband, she would always dance. She can really express herself through dance.

7. Harivansh Rai Bacchan’s grand son failed to make the cut. I am sure his dance and acting skills would keep haunting me.

8. Jamuniya, Beera’s step sister, got her nose pulled by Hemant. The whole Suparnakha sequence was liked by a couple sitting next to us and few others. Nobody chose to comment though.

9. I am sure Abhishek Bachhan can take a plunge into Niagara Falls from a height of 5000 ft.

10. Please watch this movie with your girlfriend, if you want to get rid of her. Otherwise, beware of the fatal consequences