A gust of wind smacked Vijay’s face when he opened the window. It was still dark outside. Rarely would Vijay wake up so early but today he could not sleep for some unknown reason. He was sitting beside the window, when the birds broke the silence of night. He looked up to see the glimmer of sunlight. Vijay went to the roof. The sky was changing hues. Flocks of birds were flying to unknown destinations. Gradually the chaos increased, which broke the calmness of the morning.

Surprisingly, everybody was awake in the house by the time Vijay came down. His mom was busy preparing the breakfast. His father was already sitting in the Puja chanting the shlokas. Sujay, Vijay’s brother, was enjoying the tea. Vijay also thought of going to office early today. When he came out of the bathroom after taking the bath, he noticed that there was nobody in the kitchen unlike the usual scene; Sujay having the breakfast and mom preparing the lunch box for him. A morsel of food was lying on the floor. Then Vijay heard his mother crying loudly. He hurried to the drawing room.

Everybody was crying vehemently. Vijay could not understand what happened in half an hour that has torn everybody apart. Sujay came close to Vijay. He told Vijay that Mausi, Mausa and Manju didi died in a road accident. Tears rolled down Vijay’s cheeks.

He started his laptop and booked the air tickets for Lucknow.