The ‘U’ Turn

While coming back from office today, I was stuck in a huge traffic jam. Although there was a traffic signal at the end of the road, the signal was not the reason for the traffic jam. So, the jam was caused by a driver, who was trying to take ‘U’ on the narrow service road. I am sure that all of you guessed it right. Yeah, an audacious lady driver was trying to take a ‘U” turn on the service road. Unfortunately, her car’s length was strictly equal to the width of the road and she finally blocked the road completely. So the next time you see a driver trying to do such stunts without understanding the principles of mathematics, please help her understand that it would be practically impossible to take a ‘U’ turn when the width of the road is less than or equal to the diagonal length of the car.

The other day I was traveling through a public transport vehicle, a Volvo. Luckily, a lady was sitting beside me. She was talking to her boy friend over the phone. Since I was in close proximity to her, I overheard their conversation. Following are the tidbits of the conversation happened between the girl and her boy friend.

G:  How could you say that?

B: C’mon guys, I was not sitting that close to her.

G: Ummm…


G: Ummm…


G: Ummm…


G: Ummm…


G: Sorry. Dekha. Badmashi tum log karte ho aur ant main sorry mujhe bolna padta hai.

I just could not hold myself from bursting into laughter.

In the end, I would encourage all of you to visit the following page on facebook.!/photo.php?pid=4823523&id=32423363766&fbid=375986428766

guys, who are not willing to go to the webpage, please check out the following picture.

But, do not forget to check out the comments on this photograph.



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  1. begu says:

    ummm… hmmmm… sorry…. 🙂

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