Low Waist Jeans: Pros and Cons

I visited Amoeba located at Church Street today. Pankaj Advani was also chilling out with his friends and girl friends at Amoeba. I liked one of his girl friends most, the lady in dark green top and blue denim. Girl, if you are reading this please contact me at 269E1065250. Actually, my brother also liked her the most, but I am his elder brother. So, I get the privilege. I hope Pankaj Ji would not mind it. Well, if he does, I would send him my sincere electronic apologies. I was dying to take Pankaj Ji’s autograph but I did not have a fountain pen or a ball pen or any other any other kind of writing instrument. One of my friends suggested telling him ki main kis asmanjas main pada hoon. If he were a girl, I would have definitely told her that I want her autograph. She could have kissed my hands  *wink wink*. Unfortunately, Pankaj Ji is a ‘He’ without an ‘S’. So, I needed something to write upon and something to write with. I hereby convey my best wishes to him and expect his comment on this post as his autograph. I hope you shall win more accolades for India. Cheers to you.

Now, the time has come to zero in on the title of the post. Since, I could not get a slot in Amoeba, I was observing how low waist jeans affects the performance of an average bowling player.

–    If a boy is wearing low waist jeans, he can’t bend down beyond a limit as bending beyond the threshold might cause his pants go down, which would look obscene.
–    Also, boys have to pull up their jeans every now and then so as not cause any embarrassment to themselves and the acquaintances.
–    It was also noticed that people who wear low rise jeans wear premium underwear to attract same (jamana badal raha hai yaron) or opposite sex. Of course, Rupa is a premium brand.
–    It was also observed by some people that some ‘Hes’ who wear low rise jeans don’t wear anything inside at all. Isn’t it disgusting? Let me answer this. It is disgusting. I sincerely request all ‘Hes’ who wear low rise jeans and who don’t wear low rise jeans, please wear some kind of undergarment when you go out. At least, wear leaves and contribute to the green initiative.

Another incident happened in Total mall when I was queued up for billing. I saw a beautiful creation on one of the pamphlets lying on the billing counter. I did not miss to click a snap with my ultra cool Samsung phone. Here it goes


A Piece of Artwork