On that day, there were so many people in the shop. The shopkeeper was not able to manage the crowd. In the hurry, the shopkeeper left one of the fountain pens over the desk. Vijay opened his fist to check once again how much money he had got. He could not move his eyes off the pen lying on the counter. He was struggling to win over the greed inside him. Finally, he decided that he would steal the pen.

He took off the pen stealthily and made his way out of the shop. As soon as he came out of the shop, he ran. He ran until he became breathless; he ran until he felt that he was far enough from the shop. When his mother asked where he got the pen, Vijay told her that he got it lying on the road while coming back from the market. A 10 year old kid had broken the law and he was enjoying it.

He filled the ink into the fountain pen with great interest. Every word he wrote with that pen made him love it more. When you are in so much in love with something, the though of losing it gives goose bumps. So, he was very cautious that he did not lose the pen.

A few days passed. A lesson was taught in the school that stealing is a sin. Vijay watched a serial on the television which showed that everyone hates a thief. Suddenly, everything reminded Vijay that he had stolen a pen. Earlier these lessons were theories but now Vijay was able to relate to them with a real life experience. Theories make much more sense when we can relate to them with reality.

Vijay went to the stationary shop again. He asked the price of the pen he had stolen. He saved his pocket money. When he had enough money to pay the price of the pen, he went to the shop. He confessed to the shopkeeper and paid the price of the pen. He was feeling lighter today.

We have learnt these lessons a couple of years back but most of us don’t forget to steal when we get a chance. What else we forget often is a confession.



Finding Myself…

In my blood,
Tell me,
Oh God,
What flows?

Koshish Jaari Rahegi

“Brick walls are there for a reason. They give us a chance to show how badly we want something.”