Lights, camera action,
Don’t think ’bout the repercussion,
I know you have got the passion,
Believe in your own creation..

Play it hard,
Don’t panic in the start,
It will start moving,
You just have to keep pushing…

Think that you are the one,
Keep up the momentum,
Never say die,
Keep searching for the pie in the sky…

Sing dance and enjoy,
Don’t shy,
You would remember this music, the dance, and the moments of romance,
So, save this moment to remember in trance…

Hit hard every moment,
So that you can clap with joy in the end
Be a chooser, the one who calls the shots,
Not just another beggar set at naught…



4 Responses to Chooser

  1. Kau says:

    Strange we both have posts with the same title and theme in a matter of a few days. Needless to say, I relate immensely to this poem

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  3. himanshu says:

    I like this poem very much.I was pretty numb from sometimes but enjoyed the poem very much.I am refresh now and in process of preparing draft for new post on blog.Thanks for writing such lyrics

  4. Ravish says:

    Himanshu: Thanks a lot for the good words. I’m looking forward to new post..


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