Koi Na Jaane Kya Hoga Kal,
Kaise Honge Aane Waale Pal…

Life poses such challenges to some people that they are left clueless at times. They say that, “If life throws lemons at you, make lemonade”. But it is not always as easy to do so as it sounds. Sometimes the darkness longs for so long that you have to light up a lamp of hope to survive the darkness. Keep enough hope to keep the lamp burning.

When people start analyzing what wrong they have done and they find only good things, they become clueless. Why God doesn’t play fair and if he does why one has to cross the lethal desert before reaching the oasis? But, I would say that there are few things we cannot do much about. All we can do is to keep the faith. Even if things don’t get any better, this faith will give a reason to live.

I can still remember those days when I was so sick that I felt as if I am going to die. Sometimes medicines don’t work but prayers do. I had been injected so many times in a day that I had stopped feeling the needle going into my flesh. But I still remember the fragrance of the flowers from Hanuman Setu lying beside my bed. I still remember my mother, maternal aunt, father and many others standing by me. They gave me the strength to bear the pain with a smile. And I kept the faith.

Keep the faith. Everything will be right again.



Learning to Fly

Arose from the ashes,
Will not be intimidated by the crashes,
Bound to rise high,
As I am learning to fly…

Will see the world,
From the eye of a bird,
One day I shall soar like a kite in the sky,
As I am learning to fly…

Will float in the air,
Like a leaf in the water,
This ain’t a lie,
As I am learning to fly…

Belief is what it needs,
When one tries impossible indeed,
Feeling dreamy,
Yeah, I am going to fly..


The Mask…

Will I ever get real,
Free from haze of surreal,
Wake up!! everyday the sun shouts,
Ignoring the Sun, I pull up the quilt…

In the mirror I don’t see my face,
The reflection looks fake,
Innermost desires squealing in my head,
After hitting the mask, they are falling dead…

Peel it off,
tells me the subconscious often,
Don’t, the conscious warns,
As I try to put it off…

Stuck in this fight,
I am unable to decide,
Whose side I should take?
Fall under gravity or jump against it…



Lights, camera action,
Don’t think ’bout the repercussion,
I know you have got the passion,
Believe in your own creation..

Play it hard,
Don’t panic in the start,
It will start moving,
You just have to keep pushing…

Think that you are the one,
Keep up the momentum,
Never say die,
Keep searching for the pie in the sky…

Sing dance and enjoy,
Don’t shy,
You would remember this music, the dance, and the moments of romance,
So, save this moment to remember in trance…

Hit hard every moment,
So that you can clap with joy in the end
Be a chooser, the one who calls the shots,
Not just another beggar set at naught…