Dilli Che (6)

–    All the songs are good. I liked the ‘Hey Kala Bandar’ the most. Its lyrics make perfect sense.
–    Girls in traditional Indian families are still not free to take the decisions for them. Firstly, father takes all the decision and then the husband comes into picture. Sad but true.
–    People are still fighting with each other. They don’t believe in using their common sense before breaking an old relationship.
–    Religion is a way to keep the faith alive. But we fight over it.
–    God is everywhere.

“Zarre Zarre main usi ka noor hai,
Jhank khud main na wo tujse door hai,
Ishq hai usse to sabse ishq kar,
Is ibadat ka bas yahi dastoor hai.
Isme usme aur usme hai wohi,
Yaar mera har taraf bharpoor hai.”
–    We still hear the news of an old man getting married to a young girl. Much needs to be changed.
–    Casteism is still prevalent in some parts of India. People are still not ready to accept the reality. On one side we praise lord ‘Ram’ for eating the plums touched by low caste ‘Shabari’ but on the other side we are shy to learn and follow the same in our life. Hypocrites are what we are.
–    The strong is harassing the weak. People still don’t understand that power comes with a responsibility.
–    Public servants don’t understand their job profile.
–    ‘Purani Dilli ki Ramleela’ is awesome.
–    Politics sucks.
–    Fall in love. It can change your life like it did so for Roshan.

Watch Dilli 6. It is not about Purani Dilli, it’s about us.



I do not need to run

Sky was dark,
It was raining cats ‘N’ dogs,
Sitting in a park,
drenched in rain,
I still was thinking,
Where should I run?

There were flowers,
There were trees and plants,
A peacock dancing with joy,
A frog crooning an unknown song,
The empty swing,
I thought,
Why was I still,
finding a way to run?

Came close to the swing,
hurt and broken,
I sat on the swing,
to and fro,
I was swinging,
fast and faster,
Something from inside told me,
That there was no need to run.