Tear rolled down his cheeks. He was watching his son and wife struggling to save him from the wrath of a few people clad in white Khadi Kurta and Pajama. Now the eyesight was weakening. He rubbed his eyes but he could see only hazy figures. He tried to drag himself to them, but he could move his body a few inches more and then his heart beat died.

She was awake. It was still dark outside. She took her son in his lap, caressed his hair and kissed him on his forehead. A drop of tear fell on the cheek of the son. He woke up and said to his mother, “There are very few people on this earth who are not scared of the death. My father was one of them. I am proud of him.”  He hugged her mother. Both of them wept. A son missed his father and a wife missed her husband.

Nobody can fill the void created by the loss of the dearest people. I don’t have words to vent out my feelings on this blog about what do I feel about the people who are responsible for such acts. I don’t understand why people need so much money that they start killing people. Late Mr. Manoj Gupta was killed in cold blood by a few people just because he refused to pay money to them to celebrate a politician’s birthday. It’s a shame.

I am waiting for the ‘Rang De Basanti’ to happen. I am sure that it will happen. If our law cannot bring such people to justice, the common man would have to take the responsibility.

God Bless India!!


2 Responses to Shame

  1. Rang De says:

    Why dont U launch the RDB initiative ? Kill ’em

  2. Ravish says:

    If I were to die soon, I would have definitely done that. These things will come to an end. When? When they have to.


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