Love life and Romance

Life has been beautiful,
There is much more to fulfil,

The sun is about to set,
C’mon my dear mate,
Let’s dance on a new tune,
Let’s dance on the moon,

Let’s make a wish,
That we don’t see 26/11 again,
That we win the world cup again,
That we will care about another man,

Let’s make a wish that,
We shall never give up,
We shall always have our chin up,

Let’s resolve that,
We shall not hate,
But we shall not leave enemies of humanity as well,
We shall chase our dreams,
but we shall not stumble upon the feelings of anybody as well,

A year ends,
Another dawns,
Time moves on,
Giving us a chance,
To love life and romance….

Wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year- 2009.



2 Responses to Love life and Romance

  1. UKnowWho says:

    Vaah Vaah..Perfect age too , to romance..

  2. Ravish says:

    ha ha ha…rightly said…i missed it in the post..;)


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