Things to do

Ten things Amar did before he died. Well, before I tell you about these ten things I must tell you who Amar was.

Amar was an accountant in a pharmaceutical firm. Everyday, he would make a list of things that needed to be done. By the end of the day he would finish all the things. His boss overloaded him with work everyday but he never complained. He fell in love with a girl but he could never tell her his feelings. He wanted to buy a car but he was accumulating money for the future.

One day, Amar came to know that he had cancer. He had only three months to live. The next day when he was making the usual things-to-do list he realized that he should live the remaining three months of his life the way he wanted. He made a new list. He wrote:

Things to do (before I die)
1.    New Car
2.    Foreign Trip
3.    Neha
4.    Guitar
5.    Rahul Jhulka
6.    Love
7.    Boss ka ‘Boss’!!
8.    Photo on front page
9.    Vivek
10. Mumma

In three months he made all his wishes come true. Watch ‘Dasvidaniya’ to know how he lived his dreams in three months.

The movie made me think what I would do before I die. What came to my mind is:

Things I would do (before I die)
1.    Win a professional Badminton Tournament
2.    Write a book
3.    My company
4.    Dance
5.    Guitar
6.    Vimla Kuteer
7.    Dining table with 12 chairs
8.    Honda Accord

Life is beautiful. Amar finally said it. We are responsible for making it beautiful.


4 Responses to Things to do

  1. begu says:

    sab apane liye jite hain !!!!…………

  2. Ravish says:

    At least I accept the truth. waise jarori nahi hai ki dosron ke lie jo karo uski numaish lagao…what say begu?

  3. begu says:

    toh apane liye numaish kyon ??? ….

  4. madhvi says:

    very nice….may ur all dreams come true.

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