Keep the Spark Alive!!

Everyday when I lie down on the bed, I think about my life. Where it is going? What do I want from it? Sometimes I feel like I am lagging behind because I have lost track. I believe that I shall find the way soon.

Like a fish catcher, I have been waiting for the big fish. But, I have been unlucky with my fate until now. I believe that the time has come to dive into the deep waters and catch the biggest fish yet again.

I have seen dreams. Some of them became a reality; some of them came to my mind and went away after the night is over. Perhaps the efforts required to keep them alive was missing.

I have drawn a circle in my life and I have been running around it everyday without even thinking why I am running. I cannot stop because that will be end of everything. Weather changes during the continuous run. Sometimes its spring and sometimes it becomes a cold winter. When spring comes I think about the winter and when winter comes I cannot think about anything.

Now, I want to free myself as I am tired of aimlessness. So I have to run so fast that I defy the centripetal force. If I succeed I shall be out of the vicious circle and may be I would leave a trail. I will not talk about failures because now I want keep only one option for me and that’s success. I have a dream; I have a goal; I believe in it. The fire within me is ready to take on anything. Either I would wither away or I would turn into ashes anything that comes my way.

So, everyday when you wake up try to remember what you saw a night before. If you do remember your last dream, you have a goal for today. Go get it…

Keep the Spark Alive!!



2 Responses to Keep the Spark Alive!!

  1. himanshu says:

    HI,it was very good post and full of introspection.I like it very much.

  2. anonymous says:

    Either I would wither away of I would turn into ashes anything that comes my way. Hmmmmmmmmmm…..eagle eyes or what?

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