Out of time

I crave for a dream,
But in my head, the dreams scream,

I sit straight,
Wide awake,

Suddenly I find myself,
Driving a metal machine,

Have to reach the finishing line,
Within the minimum time,

Right Left and Up in the sky,
That’s  all I’ve to try,

I accelerate,
On and On and On,
But can’t see the finishing line,

Then a message flashes in the sky,
Telling me that I am out of time,

In the hustle bustle, I forget to give heed,
To an obstacle inescapable at this high speed,

My mind loses control,
I cover my face,
To protect myself from the fatal blow,

Scared out of breath,
I uncover my face,

Still sitting on the chair,
I ‘m alive safe and sound,

Sure of one thing in my mind,
That I’d not lose my mind,
When I run out of time.



3 Responses to Out of time

  1. Shailendra Gupta says:

    HEHEHHEHEH great bhiya!!
    U have become a great poet finally !!

  2. madhvi says:

    very nice..bahut achi hai ye poem..

  3. Piyush says:

    Good One!!!

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