Everybody has something to say,
They need someone to listen,
Sometimes they want to sit alone,
And tell the river, the water, the birds,
What, why and how about things.

They search everyday,
A refuge to speak their heart out,
To light their heart of all the mud,
Splashed upon them by a careless car,
And those who don’t find a refuge,
Are bound to drown in the marsh,
With a wish if they could have found one..

I wish to find someone,
Who doesn’t need a refuge to overcome,
The difficulties and problems faced while living every second,
Who has forgotten everything and
forgiven everyone,
Who is at peace with life,
And I ask everybody to wish me luck!




One Response to Refuge

  1. Ships says:

    It’s difficult or should I say impossible, to find such a person. Everyone at some point or the other in his/her life seeks refuge in one form or another. Well written.

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