Everybody has something to say,
They need someone to listen,
Sometimes they want to sit alone,
And tell the river, the water, the birds,
What, why and how about things.

They search everyday,
A refuge to speak their heart out,
To light their heart of all the mud,
Splashed upon them by a careless car,
And those who don’t find a refuge,
Are bound to drown in the marsh,
With a wish if they could have found one..

I wish to find someone,
Who doesn’t need a refuge to overcome,
The difficulties and problems faced while living every second,
Who has forgotten everything and
forgiven everyone,
Who is at peace with life,
And I ask everybody to wish me luck!




Matrix Rewritten!

Disclaimer: If you feel that your sentiments are hurt after reading this post, play ‘Rock on’ songs and bang your head in the air until you lose consciousness.

There was a butterfly. There were more butterflies but the one for whom I wrote first line was different or I would call it ‘The One’. So, I would call it Neo. So, Neo was the most funny and the most intelligent living being on earth. Other butterflies in his company would laugh so much that they would finally roll down on the floor laughing.

One day, Neo met another butterfly called Trinity. Neo fell in love with trinity. Their love blossomed in different flowers. Whenever the gust of wind shook the flowers, two butterflies, Neo and Trinity, fell on the ground. On a fine sunny day, Trinity asked Neo to come to meet her father, Morpheus.

Morpheus was a chemist. When Neo came to meet Morpheus, Morpheus asked to eat one of the two pills, Red or Blue pill. Neo asked the consequences of taking the pill and not taking the pills. Morpheus gave some absurd reason for taking either of the pills but told him that he would not be able to marry Trinity, if he didn’t take either pill. Neo tossed the coin and the result suggested him to take the blue pill. As soon as he took the blue pill, Neo saw the reality. He saw that Trinity was not beautiful at all. Neo was exposed to ‘The- Naked- Truth’. Morpheus asked Neo to believe that Trinity was beautiful. Since, Neo was the one he was able to believe that Trinity was beautiful. Since Neo was ‘The One’, he could understand that relations build on belief and faith.

There was another butterfly, Agent Smith, who was also in love with Trinity. Unfortunately, Smith had taken the red pill and had lost his mind. He loved her so much that that he challenged Neo for a deadly duel.

One D- Day (Duel Day), when trinity fluttered her wings, Smith fired mercilessly at Neo. Neo was speechless as he was poor and could not afford to buy an expensive gun that Smith had. But, he was the chosen one. He could see the bullets coming to him. He flew faster than the bullets and finally bullets lost all the kinetic energy. Neo was good at Physics, so he calculated all the variables correctly according the weather conditions on the D-Day. He knew the speed; he knew the distance to be covered. The equation was simple. Now, it was Neo’s turn. He took a flight towards Smith and hit him so hard that he went inside Smith. In the end, Smith was torn apart.

Neo married Trinity and they lived happily ever after.

Yet to come: Matrix Re- Reloaded..