Nothing to lose…

Whenever it rained,
And I got drenched,
I cursed the clouds,
I cursed my fate,
I asked myself,
Why I always get drenched?
Why it starts raining,
When there is no shelter around,

But, today I like the rain,
AS I am not carrying anything,
Anything I ever loved,
Anything I cared about,
I have no questions today,
‘Coz today I’ve nothing to lose,
Nothing that the rain can wash away….



8 Responses to Nothing to lose…

  1. Dheeraj says:

    bhai baarish se kaafi trast dikhte ho …

  2. Ravish says:

    metaphor ko samjho dheeru bhai.


  3. Ships says:

    Really deep thoughts… “Coz today I’ve nothing to lose…”
    Very well written…

  4. Ravish says:

    Thanks ships.

  5. piyush says:

    Nothing to Lose…kyun kya hua, kuch chori ho gaya kya 😉

  6. Ravish says:

    Yahi samajh lijie PKJ…;)

  7. Anonymous says:

    Baarish se kaafi trast lagte ho

  8. Kau says:

    Great writing this one ..
    I really Enjoyed it

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