Nothing to lose…

Whenever it rained,
And I got drenched,
I cursed the clouds,
I cursed my fate,
I asked myself,
Why I always get drenched?
Why it starts raining,
When there is no shelter around,

But, today I like the rain,
AS I am not carrying anything,
Anything I ever loved,
Anything I cared about,
I have no questions today,
‘Coz today I’ve nothing to lose,
Nothing that the rain can wash away….



Rock On!!

I was eagerly waiting for the release of the movie ‘Rock On’. And after watching the movie I would say that it is a must watch for everyone. It made me think again that I must do something that I would love to do. Life is all about living it fully, and not about compromising it for one thing or the other.

Today, I read an article in the TOI’s Sunday Magazine about a guy who secured AIR 2 in JEE. After completing the B.Tech in computer science from IIT with a perfect 10 CGPA, he packed his bags and left to give back to the community. Yes, he has been doing community service for the last 14 years. His most recent achievements include helping a poor little girl in getting money for an expensive heart surgery, which costs about 3 lacks INR. I believe that he is Rockin’ On.

Recently, I visited the webpage of a girl, who is an engineer from one of the prestigious institutes of India. Like most of the Indian engineers, she didn’t opt to become a software professional. Instead she completed graduation in Creative Arts in Therapy. She is now pursuing a career in the use of the Arts in Psychotherapy with a special emphasis on Movement Psychotherapy. “Dance in itself has a therapeutic effect on me. It is the ultimate means of self expression and raises both the dancer and the beholder to a higher level of awareness”, she says. Well, very few people have the courage to follow their heart and she is one of them. I believe that that she is rocking on.

Sourav Ganguly, who was thrown out of the Indian cricket team, made his way into the team again and played well. He is such a tough guy that he was not deterred even if the whole of India was against him. I believe that he is rockin’ on.

One of my friends believes that if he works hard, more jobs would be generated for Indian engineers. He believes that he is helping India in reducing the unemployment. And, I believe in what he says. He worked so hard that India center of his company received projects. The American counterpart acknowledged the contributions of Indian team in the success of the project. He is a 9 point someone from one of the IITs and he has filed 10 patents during his tenure of four years in the software industry. He could have gone to any of the esteemed US universities and earned in dollars after completing the degree. I believe that he is rockin on.

I have met numerous people. But, there are very few who left an impact on my conscience. Now, it’s my turn to have an impact on my conscience; to decide what I want; to rock on…