Today’s fortune

“Beauty in all forms appeals to you.”
It really does. I have always known the truth. They say that “Sach kadva hota hai” but I hold a different view.

“You are going to have a very comfortable old age”
It is a prediction. May be true or may not be true. I am confused. But, I would like to say, “Amen”.

“The will of the people is the best law”
Living in a democratic country, I believe that the statement in the quotes is true to the best of my knowledge.

“The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do”
Never mind it’s alright.

“Your dearest wish will come true”
It never did.

“You are very expressive and positive in words, act and feeling”
I think therefore I am.

“You have a potential urge and the ability for accomplishment”
Hmmm …*Blush*

“You will spend old age in comfort and material wealth”
This prediction is partially true. I am definitely going to have a lot of money but I am still not sure about the comfort.

“The star of riches is shining upon you.”
Yes, it is…





Unstoppable, Indomitable,
I take the pledge,
Not to ever say die..

Life is turning away,
asking me, what am I made of?
I say, I am the rock,
Which doesn’t roll away..

Like the diamond,
I am yet to shine,
Wait and watch O’ dear people,
Here I come…

Crazy I am,
I don’t give up,
Even if the price is,
My life, my existence…

Unstoppable Indomitable
I take the pledge,
Not to ever say die…



“Why did it happen to us? Why do we always end up getting no value for the money we spend? Why do we not give some thought before taking a decision? Why did the director make ‘Singh Is King’? “Kya bigada tha humne uska?” Since time immemorial, we had been getting space surrounded by kids, Uncles, Bigger Uncles. This time we were lucky in this regard but ‘they’ too left after half an hour, leaving us alone struggling with the humor, which the director tried to create”, Bhai said.

“Sometimes, it happens. Part of the game brother”, I replied.

Warning: Those who are happy and don’t plan to screw their happiness in the near future by watching a movie with the protagonist named ‘Happy’, please refrain yourself from buying tickets of Singh Is King either directly or indirectly.

I am still not able to figure out what the movie is all about. But, Katrina Kaif was looking awesome in the movie. Even though she can’t act properly; even though she struggles with Hindi; even though she can’t dance, she manages to attract boys, young uncles and old uncles to watch her movies. Of course, she is beautiful. Needless to say that ‘Khatron Ka Khiladi’ Akshay is too old to do any justice to the hopeful public. But, I have seen many girls who like oldies such as George Clooney, so it is quite probable that Akshay still appeals to girls.

I must tell something about the movie now. So, our ‘happy’ Akshay made entry into movie as a voyeur, peeking into one of the Punjabi toilets which had four walls but didn’t have a roof , asking the person inside to carry on with the activity. The people of Happy’s village wanted to get him out of the village at any cost. So, they asked him to bring back a son, who is Don also known as king, back to his lonely parents.

So, Happy Singh started his journey. Inadvertently, his boarding pass got exchanged with a person and he did end up landing in Egypt with an Australian visa.  The story took a new turn at this point. Katrina made entry into the movie. Happy Singh caught a thief to get Katrina Kaif’s bag back and in return he fell for her.

Since Akshay had an Australian Visa and a different purpose, he was sent to Australia by the generous Egyptian government.

Lucky, the Don, refused to go back to India. But, Happy was adamant. Happy turned lucky and Lucky became semi paralyzed. So, Happy took the charge as new King. The story took twists and turns and Akshay Kumar got married to our beloved Katrina and they lived happily ever after.



The plane landed,
The sleep  was broken,
Thoughts accelerated,
Grip tightened,
Time to meet the,
people most lovable had come…

The smell was familiar,
people looked alike,
Smile one their faces,
Made him smile..

Reached the immigration counter,
The name was asked,
Amir, he said the third time,
Meanwhile, the luggage was finally found clean..

Excited, he rushed to the arrival terminal,
But, nobody was waiting outside,
He called up home,
But, nobody picked up the phone..

Puzzled, he stood there thinking,
Suddenly, somebody handed him a cell phone,
In a while, the phone started ringing,
He got a message to board a taxi..

He hung up, but the luggage was not there,
Oh! it was already loaded in the cab..
Before he could understand,
The taxi moved…

He used to think,
That man is the master of his destiny,
But, unable to control it now,
He became a slave..

He got the message that,
his family was kidnapped,
and if he didn’t follow the directions,
His family would be dead..

Direction followed,
Many fights won,
Somehow, he executed the task,
and then the final call came..

He was shattered to know,
That hundreds would be killed,
and he would be the only one to blame..
But, to save his loved one, he chose to be defamed..

But,  then he was Amir,
The leader, the pioneer,
He embraced the death,
Saved all of the hundred…

We, the people,
Again proved ourselves naive,
by calling martyr Amir,
An agent of terror…

This is my opinion about the movie, Amir. I watched the movie recently and found it very disturbing that how the life of simple and innocent people can be screwed. Perceptions shouldn’t be made; stereotypes should be rejected; Truth must be found. We are Indians first and we cannot let any psycho attack the integrity of out country.