Lost and Found

Starry nights,
Shimmering lights,
Joined by imaginary lines,
Make a shape so fine,
That I believe it to be real..

Unable to distinguish surreal from real,
I close my eyes,
in order to become blind to lies,
But, I see that shape again,
Mocking at my efforts that went in vain,

Provoked, I try to wipe it out,
But, it stands there intact,
Suddenly, it fades away like the shrill sound of a train,
More determined not to let it escape,
I concentrate to recall the shape,

Clueless, I’m perplexed,
That’s when I look up,
The stars are still twinkling,
and, lo and behold, I find that shape again..



2 Responses to Lost and Found

  1. Dheeraj Srivastava says:

    Very nice !!!
    Stretch of imagination…. A sketch of imagination….

  2. vivek says:

    infact i gone clueless with this writing what image u r talking of a dream of someone 🙂

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