Keep Patience

When your alarm clock stops just a few seconds before it is programmed to ring and you miss a very important appointment, keep Patience. Perhaps it is better to sleep than to wake up.

You are in hurry. As soon as you reach the parking lot you find that tyres of your vehicle are punctured, keep patience. You still can reach the place at the right time.

When elderly people take more time to understand what you want to say, keep patience. You might take longer time to understand easier things when you grow older.

When your colleague is finding it difficult to deliver and your work is getting affected, keep patience. Perhaps you don’t know what situation he is in.

When you have asked someone whether she likes you the way you do, keep patience. It takes time to take such decisions.

When you are severely ill and the hope is fading, keep patience. Perhaps you would start recovering from the next moment.

When somebody acts like a child and tries to stumble upon your pride, keep patience. Perhaps he would understand one day that he was wrong.

When you gave your best and the results are negative, keep patience. Perhaps it was not the best effort.

When are stuck in the traffic, keep patience. Perhaps somebody is waiting to be seen.

When have to work for longer time, keep patience. Perhaps you would get better results.

When you want to touch lives, keep patience. Perhaps some people take longer time to understand that you care for them.



5 Responses to Keep Patience

  1. madhvi says:

    very nice….brilliant…

  2. Dheeraj says:

    If you don’t get patience anywhere come to me(Dheeraj) 😀
    you can keep me as long as you wish ….

  3. ajay says:

    nice mishra baar duration of patience (so that one dunno become patient ) ke baare mein bhi thora expert comment dena..

  4. tia says: sound like you have attained nirvana!

  5. Ravish says:

    I listen to Nirvana. But, yet to attain Nirvana.


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