Lost and Found

Starry nights,
Shimmering lights,
Joined by imaginary lines,
Make a shape so fine,
That I believe it to be real..

Unable to distinguish surreal from real,
I close my eyes,
in order to become blind to lies,
But, I see that shape again,
Mocking at my efforts that went in vain,

Provoked, I try to wipe it out,
But, it stands there intact,
Suddenly, it fades away like the shrill sound of a train,
More determined not to let it escape,
I concentrate to recall the shape,

Clueless, I’m perplexed,
That’s when I look up,
The stars are still twinkling,
and, lo and behold, I find that shape again..



Keep Patience

When your alarm clock stops just a few seconds before it is programmed to ring and you miss a very important appointment, keep Patience. Perhaps it is better to sleep than to wake up.

You are in hurry. As soon as you reach the parking lot you find that tyres of your vehicle are punctured, keep patience. You still can reach the place at the right time.

When elderly people take more time to understand what you want to say, keep patience. You might take longer time to understand easier things when you grow older.

When your colleague is finding it difficult to deliver and your work is getting affected, keep patience. Perhaps you don’t know what situation he is in.

When you have asked someone whether she likes you the way you do, keep patience. It takes time to take such decisions.

When you are severely ill and the hope is fading, keep patience. Perhaps you would start recovering from the next moment.

When somebody acts like a child and tries to stumble upon your pride, keep patience. Perhaps he would understand one day that he was wrong.

When you gave your best and the results are negative, keep patience. Perhaps it was not the best effort.

When are stuck in the traffic, keep patience. Perhaps somebody is waiting to be seen.

When have to work for longer time, keep patience. Perhaps you would get better results.

When you want to touch lives, keep patience. Perhaps some people take longer time to understand that you care for them.


Rules are meant to be broken

Rules are meant to be broken. I didn’t believe in the quote until yesterday when a Autowala hit me hard just because the signal was red and I decided to stop. Fortunately, nothing happened to me or my bike. Both of us are safe and doing well. So, next time when you decide to stop on seeing a red signal, make sure that you have an elderly uncle driving an expensive Sedan or a beautiful lady on the scooter is following you.

I believe very few would like to hear a loud noise when they are driving in the peaceful Bangalore traffic. Sometime back, I was driving peacefully on the Airport Road. I heard a loud roar coming from a nearby. Unable to withstand the decibel level I made a full period of sine wave on the road. Actually, somebody had sneezed. Fortunately, I was safe because an elderly uncle with a beautiful lady in a Honda Accord were behind me. The strategy works *wink*.

Only 5 minutes were left. I was racing towards the nearest multiplex. The next three minutes were passed in hurry to reach the theatre in time. In the fourth minute I took the right (literally, the right turn) turn and by the end of 4th minute I was cruising in the premises of the multiplex. I felt like the winner of a F1 race.

Anyways, no chick was waiting for me at the theatre. So, I joined the queue to the metal detector that didn’t have the actual electronic equipment required to detect metal. Once I got inside the correct theatre, I had a look at the tickets. The seat number mentioned on the ticket was F 16. To my surprise, a chick was already sitting on my seat. I was feeling lucky. I made up my mind that I shall share the space with her. As soon as I got closer to her and showed her the seat number mentioned on my ticket, she asked a group of people sitting in the row behind whether she is sitting on wrong seat. A guy came and showed me the tickets he had. Then we went to the coordinator to ask who has got right to sit on F 16. I was given a portable seat beside   F 16. While watching the movie, I and the lady on F 16 got each other eyes. Her boy friend was fuming but he could not do anything. We kept stealing looks at each other.
After the movie, the guy zoomed past my bike in his Honda City with his girl friend without hitting me. I could see her stealthily waving at me.