At last

Sitting still,
Gazing into his palms,
Was trying to search something,
Something already covered by past,
Memories were echoing in his mind,
Reminding him of the old stories in the background,
Kites,cricket and much more,
All smiles and no worries,
Incessant talks and all pranks,
The dance in the rain.
Still gazing into his hands,
He smiled at the memories,
Wishing if he could live those moments once again,
A drop of rain fell on his palms,
Then the second, the third and many more drops came,
He looked up and found all the friends standing in front of him,
He smiled and looked back,
Found his mother at the terrace too,
Shouting at him as she used to,
He looked at the clouds,
The joy was growing faster,
He unknowingly stood up and started to dance,
Gifting his wheel chair to the past,
Starting to feel free at last..



3 Responses to At last

  1. madhvi says:

    very brilliant writing….tum logo ki imagination kafi achi ho gayi hai…

  2. S says:

    Oh my gosh, what can I say…Ravish, this stuff is so good. I want to feel like the person in this poem! Where I can leave my past behind and look forward to such joy and feeling so elated. I smiled as I read this. Great stuff!! =)

  3. Ravish says:

    Thank you very much S.


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