Tea, Samosa and One more reason to laugh

409 opened the latch. As soon as he opened the door, a gust of wind hit him hard on the face. Unable to counter the sudden attack from the nature, 409 closed his eyes, covered his face and took a deep breadth. Now, he was ready to face wind. He came out of the room, stretched his hands away into the sky. He took an overview of the lobby. Then he noticed 440 standing in front of the room of 441.

“Hey 440, what’s up? What are you doing there?” 409 shouted.

On seeing him, 440 was scared. He didn’t respond. They say that ignorance is bliss. It was bliss for 409.

He went closer to 440 and asked again,” What happened 440?” Then he looked into the room. The light was switched off. A thin shadow was standing on the table. The shadow was groping for something on the wall. 409 went into the room. The shadow whispered ” Keep Silence. Go out.”

“439 what are you doing in the dark” 409 asked.

439 jumped on the floor and went out of the room. 409 and 440 followed.

After sometime, 441 came to 440’s room. He was very angry because the bulb in his room was not conducting electricity. After sometime he left. 409 looked at 440 and 439. All of them laughed in unison. They had replaced a fused bulb with 441’s working bulb. 440 and 439 asked 409 not to tell this to anybody especially to 441. They promised to treat 409 the next day.

Tea, Samosa and one reason to laugh, were the delicacies served during the treat the next day. We used to love every bit of it. Loving something and Miss-ing it later are part of life. What say?

PS: All the numeric values represent the roll numbers of the students of Department of Electrical Engineering, IT BHU.



15 Responses to Tea, Samosa and One more reason to laugh

  1. tia says:

    *Sigh* reminds me of college – Tea and sutta at the front steps….also reminds me of the joke how many software engineers does it take to change a light -bulb??

  2. Ravish says:

    Hey tia!

    The more the software engineers the more is the fun.

  3. tia says:

    Ha ha ha..thats like saying more the geeks the better!

  4. Ravish says:

    Software engineers are not geeks. Believe me or meet me..;)

  5. tia says:

    Ha ha ha..at least start with asking a girl for her email id (Rule #1 – dating for geeks/dummies)!! I bet you wear glasses 😛

  6. Ravish says:

    I want to write one shayari here:

    “Teri nazron se nazarein milane ka dil chahta hai,
    Kambakht tera ye chasma beeck main aa jaata hai..’

    Of course, I do wear specs. But, without the specs also, I can see all the things clearly irrespective of their distance provided they come into my line of sight.

    Please tell me your email id…(Me on my knees, both hands tightly holding each other (Hey, m not weeping))..

    What is rule no 2?

  7. tia says:

    Well considering geeks do inherit the earth, your specs shall help you carve the future 😀
    Give me yours I’ll email you..
    Rule no 2: Women are suspicious and wary.

  8. Ravish says:

    ahem ahem..why so?

  9. tia says:

    why are we suspicious??well better to be safe than sorry!

  10. Ravish says:

    Are men safe?

  11. tia says:

    Are women safe?

  12. Ravish says:

    Well, not really. But men are not always safe. So, I ain’t biased towards either men or women.

  13. Mohnish says:

    Loved this post! It took me a while to put names to the roll nos but I got it after a while.

    443 ke baare mein kuch sache thoughts likho. i am curious to know what would that look like.

  14. Ravish says:

    Jaroor ..443 ke lie bhi ek post jaldi hi..

  15. Sandeep says:

    441 does not reemmber incident exactly but can feel and enjoy the taste of tea and samosa which other 3 had…..

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