Eyes closed,
Lips moving,
I see a shadow,
Dark Black,
Running on clouds,
Flying in the air,
Behaving like a kid,
Calling me up,
Into the sky,
To play with it,
And, in return,
It will make my wish come true,
I don’t understand,
I want to go,
But, I still can’t fly,
Then, I see a shadow,
Coming out of my body,
It tries to fly,
But, I hold it back,
It resists,
Pushes me back,
I fall down,
And I see it flying away,
Sense of loss hits me hard,
But, when they meet in the sky,
The shadows change color,
And, then I see,
Me flying freely,
With an angel,
The angel smiles,
She asks me to wish anything,
Then I say,
Don’t let my shadow go black again,
She smiles back,
Says consider it done,
I feel satisfied,
Then I open my eyes,
I feel enlightened,
I feel elevated,
Deep inside,
I feel gratified..



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