Believe it to do it

If you have been putting efforts to get something done and your efforts are not yielding then something is wrong. The first step towards achieving anything is to believe that you can do it. All the efforts will go in vain if you don’t believe in what you are doing.

Neo could become ‘The One’ because he could believe in himself much more than anybody else did.

Someone could become the runner up in a tournament just because he had not qualified to participate in the tournament earlier.

An average commerce student, who passed 10th and 12th in second division, could secure a rank in the All India Merit List for the successful student in the Chartered Accountant examination just because he had a belief that he would have his name in the Merit List.

Someone could live happily because he believed that cribbing would make him vulnerable.

I am writing my 100th post because I believed that I would write it one fine day.

“In any project the important factor is your belief. Without belief there can be no successful outcome.”
— William James

So, dream it, believe in it and achieve it. You don’t lose until you give up.



At last

Sitting still,
Gazing into his palms,
Was trying to search something,
Something already covered by past,
Memories were echoing in his mind,
Reminding him of the old stories in the background,
Kites,cricket and much more,
All smiles and no worries,
Incessant talks and all pranks,
The dance in the rain.
Still gazing into his hands,
He smiled at the memories,
Wishing if he could live those moments once again,
A drop of rain fell on his palms,
Then the second, the third and many more drops came,
He looked up and found all the friends standing in front of him,
He smiled and looked back,
Found his mother at the terrace too,
Shouting at him as she used to,
He looked at the clouds,
The joy was growing faster,
He unknowingly stood up and started to dance,
Gifting his wheel chair to the past,
Starting to feel free at last..


Tea, Samosa and One more reason to laugh

409 opened the latch. As soon as he opened the door, a gust of wind hit him hard on the face. Unable to counter the sudden attack from the nature, 409 closed his eyes, covered his face and took a deep breadth. Now, he was ready to face wind. He came out of the room, stretched his hands away into the sky. He took an overview of the lobby. Then he noticed 440 standing in front of the room of 441.

“Hey 440, what’s up? What are you doing there?” 409 shouted.

On seeing him, 440 was scared. He didn’t respond. They say that ignorance is bliss. It was bliss for 409.

He went closer to 440 and asked again,” What happened 440?” Then he looked into the room. The light was switched off. A thin shadow was standing on the table. The shadow was groping for something on the wall. 409 went into the room. The shadow whispered ” Keep Silence. Go out.”

“439 what are you doing in the dark” 409 asked.

439 jumped on the floor and went out of the room. 409 and 440 followed.

After sometime, 441 came to 440’s room. He was very angry because the bulb in his room was not conducting electricity. After sometime he left. 409 looked at 440 and 439. All of them laughed in unison. They had replaced a fused bulb with 441’s working bulb. 440 and 439 asked 409 not to tell this to anybody especially to 441. They promised to treat 409 the next day.

Tea, Samosa and one reason to laugh, were the delicacies served during the treat the next day. We used to love every bit of it. Loving something and Miss-ing it later are part of life. What say?

PS: All the numeric values represent the roll numbers of the students of Department of Electrical Engineering, IT BHU.



Eyes closed,
Lips moving,
I see a shadow,
Dark Black,
Running on clouds,
Flying in the air,
Behaving like a kid,
Calling me up,
Into the sky,
To play with it,
And, in return,
It will make my wish come true,
I don’t understand,
I want to go,
But, I still can’t fly,
Then, I see a shadow,
Coming out of my body,
It tries to fly,
But, I hold it back,
It resists,
Pushes me back,
I fall down,
And I see it flying away,
Sense of loss hits me hard,
But, when they meet in the sky,
The shadows change color,
And, then I see,
Me flying freely,
With an angel,
The angel smiles,
She asks me to wish anything,
Then I say,
Don’t let my shadow go black again,
She smiles back,
Says consider it done,
I feel satisfied,
Then I open my eyes,
I feel enlightened,
I feel elevated,
Deep inside,
I feel gratified..