Jabaan Sambhal ke

Sometimes we don’t realize that what we have said doesn’t represent our intent. I have come across such situations in the past. I wanted to share some of these incidents. So, here it goes

My teammate who shared the cubicle with me was late. The office looked a bit chaotic on that day. Many people came to check if he had come. I could not understand what the matter was. Then I noticed that he was coming and everybody coming his way was greeting him. Some male colleagues gave him tight hugs also. As he came closer I noticed a couple of boxes of sweets in his hands. I asked him what had happened. He told me that he was blessed with a baby girl. Many people kept coming. They had sweets, greeted my colleague and left. Then ‘he’ came. He too had sweets (Literally, he ate at least 5 pieces). After he was satisfied he asked, “So, is it a boy or BABY?” I fell down laughing. Everybody within the audible range of my cubicle was laughing aloud.
I have a habit of listening to songs all the time. When I am sitting at my place, music has to be on. My team lead used to sit in a cubicle adjacent to mine. One day, I was listening to songs. Many people came to my lead’s cubicle asking about his well being. Since, I was listening to songs I could not listen properly that my lead was not well a day before. Instead, I thought he had some good news. In the haste to congratulate him, I took out the earphones, stood up and asked if there was any good news. All the eyes were set on me. A smirk was floating on everybody’s face. My lead looked a bit embarrassed. Then he told me that he was not well. Now, I could not find a place to hide. All my team mates played with my emotions in the lunch.



4 Responses to Jabaan Sambhal ke

  1. sudhir says:

    true, everyone sometimes of their life’s jouney has faced such situation.

  2. tia says:

    *chuckle* been there done that. I tend to stutter when I talk when i am thinking about something else..the consequences have been disastrous!

  3. S says:

    Hahahaha, awww cute! We’ve all been there, trust me!! =)

  4. Ravish says:

    I trust you…;)

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