Aur Wo Chala Gaya…

When I wanted to sleep, the noise coming from there kept me awake; when I was bored in the weekend, the beautiful ladies working for it cheered me up; when I could not sleep in the dark nights, it gave me company; the moments I had spend with it are bringing back the sweet and beautiful memories.

Now, what I hear is silence. I have been asking myself why am I so attached to it that the absence of it is creating a void. Every now and then I run out of my house to see if any one of them is left. What I see is a huge empty expanse. The wind is blowing the dust along the roads. When the dust settles down, my hope dies again. The hope that assures me there is at least one of them.

I didn’t even realize that I will miss the Old Bangalore Airport from the deep in my heart.



2 Responses to Aur Wo Chala Gaya…

  1. tia says:

    you stay near the airport?? I could see the plane land and take off from my terrace. Loved it back then.

  2. Ravish says:

    Yes, very close to the old airport boundary line. When I shifted here, the flights gave me nightmares, especially International Flights that used to take off early in the morning. Gradually, I became used to it. But I must admit that I am missing the staff of Kingfihser, Indigo etc…;)


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