Some things never change. Isn’t it?

The azure turned into orange. The sun was not rising but, of course, it was preparing to settle down in the other part of the world. I, along with my friends, was standing at the entrance of my apartment.

A kid was standing a few meters away from us. Initially, he looked a bit confused. Then he bent down, filled his hand with dust and poured it over his head. I was a bit amused to see this. He was doing it again and again. I thought as if he is enacting one of the pranks I played a couple of years back and then came to my mind the repercussions of my deeds. Suddenly, we heard the sound of the anklets. It sounded as if somebody was running. Then, we realized that the mother of the kid was running down the stairs. As soon as she reached down, she slapped the kid. The kid was puzzled.

Some things never change. Isn’t it?


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