Keep Smiling…Please

When you walk down a lonely road,
And you don’t find anybody around,
Talk to yourself,
Talk to the leaf that sings with the wind,
Talk to the bird that is looking at you,
The nightingale might want to tell you,
That the weather is great,
Listen to the music of nature,
Enjoy yourself,
Keep Smiling Please…

When you are in the crowd,
Suffocation, space crunch,
Everybody around looking for a grab,
Just look above,
See the sky above,
The vast blue expanse,
is free for you to fly,
So, close your eyes,
Try to fly,
Keep Smiling Please…

When you have many questions,
The answers to some of them unknown,
and what you know makes it hard to accept the answers for some,
Just put on your running shoes,
Leave the questions behind,
When you are tired,
Stop under a shade,
Open the bottle of water,
Say Cheers to God,
Keep Smiling Please.

When you want to tell something,
And you don’t find an ear,
Go to the terrace,
Speak your heart,
In the end,
Give thanks to the unknown,
Wipe the sweat from your face,
Feel free,
Keep Smiling Please…



8 Responses to Keep Smiling…Please

  1. Padmaja says:

    too good đŸ™‚

  2. Dheeraj says:

    what is that makes you so lonely,
    what makes you think that you are the only,
    keep smiling is coming from a painfull heart,
    I would love if you could make a sure start.

  3. Lucky says:

    Fresh. Lyrical. Inspiring.

  4. Scorpion says:

    kya likha hai misra shaeb…bahut he badiya !!!

  5. Ravish says:


    Hmm…apke andar bhi kavi chipa baitha hai..ise baahar nikalo

    Shukria Janaab..;)

    Dhanyavaad Gahlot Saab. Koshish Jaari rahegi..


  6. Dev says:

    mast hai … keep smiling and keep writing

  7. S says:

    Hai ram, ek ek word of this poem is beutiful. Wah wah, kya zabardast lekhik hain aap. Your work is brilliant, inspiring, touches a chord with everyone and makes me want to look to the future with so much positiveness. God bless you, you are truly gifted with some awesome talent. Keep writing ‘cuz people like us need to keep reading!

  8. Ravish says:

    S : Thank you very much. I shall keep writing, you keep visiting.


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