Keep Smiling…Please

When you walk down a lonely road,
And you don’t find anybody around,
Talk to yourself,
Talk to the leaf that sings with the wind,
Talk to the bird that is looking at you,
The nightingale might want to tell you,
That the weather is great,
Listen to the music of nature,
Enjoy yourself,
Keep Smiling Please…

When you are in the crowd,
Suffocation, space crunch,
Everybody around looking for a grab,
Just look above,
See the sky above,
The vast blue expanse,
is free for you to fly,
So, close your eyes,
Try to fly,
Keep Smiling Please…

When you have many questions,
The answers to some of them unknown,
and what you know makes it hard to accept the answers for some,
Just put on your running shoes,
Leave the questions behind,
When you are tired,
Stop under a shade,
Open the bottle of water,
Say Cheers to God,
Keep Smiling Please.

When you want to tell something,
And you don’t find an ear,
Go to the terrace,
Speak your heart,
In the end,
Give thanks to the unknown,
Wipe the sweat from your face,
Feel free,
Keep Smiling Please…



Return to Innocence

Just thought of dedicating a song to each year of my life. The title of this post clearly indicates that I want to go in reverse order. So, here it goes.

Life is short
So learn from your mistakes
And stand behind
The choices that you make
– The Answer Lies Within by Dream Theatre

Hey baby! jee lene de is pal ko!

Take it easy!
– Eagles

Milegi Milegi Manzil.
– Lucky Ali

Choti Si Asha!
– Roza

Breaking The Habit
-Linkin Park

Don’t give in without a fight!
– Hey You by Pink Floyd

Aa dekhe Jara Kisme Kitna Hai Dum!
– I won a bet in this year. One of the biggest win I ever had.

Ae Saala Abhi Abhi Hua Yakin Ki Aag hai Mujhme Kahin
– IIT JEE Conquered.

High Hopes!
– Pink Floyd

Lambi hai gam ki shaam par shaam hi to hai.
– Was down with one of the things I had been carrying along with me for the last 16 years. When the dreams start taking shape and suddenly that shape disappears, your heart sinks. That one year made me realize how much does everybody love me.

Dheel de bhaiya dheel de!
– Was Krazzy about kites. Wasted most of my class eleventh running after the sheet of paper that paints a different color on the blue canvas.

Learning To Fly!
-Pink Floyd

Crazy Babies Never Say Die!
-Ozzy Osbourne.

Never Know Why We Rock Rock Rock
-Ozzy Osbourne

– Darren Hayes

Secret Loser
– Ozzy Osbourne.

I just want you.
– Ozzy Osbourne
– Lost touch with one of my dear friends.

Can I play with madness?
– Iron Maiden

Mera Jahaan.
– Taare Zameen Par

Return To Innocence.

Sixth Element

Like the pole star never moves,
While the others do,
You don’t move from my heart,
While all the other things do.

Like the peacock dances,
When the rain claps with earth,
My heart too starts dancing,
When I listen to your giggles.

Like the pain goes away,
When one takes an aspirin,
It takes all my pain away,
When I see you smilin’.

Like a drunkard looses control,
When he takes alcohol,
I too loose control,
When I remember you and can’t find you all around.

Like one wonders to see many images,
When he hallucinates,
I wonder how everybody,
Looks exactly like you.

Like all living beings need,
Five elements to live,
I need six elements,
One of which is you.