Kal Bhi..Aj Bhi..Tum Hi

One day while watching Padosan (an old Hindi movie) Utkarsha realized that he has also crossed twenty five year age threshold set by the Vedas for getting into a relationship with someone special.

The hunt for the ‘One’ had started. But, when the search for the one starts the standards are high and the beauty quotient takes a back seat. What he was looking for was a girl who was simple, sweet, caring, bubbly etc and beautiful [Phew]. He had been trying to find out these qualities in every girl he was in touch with or he luckily gets to talk with. One day he realized that he knows someone who has all the qualities. He went straight to her and said, “I am rich. Marry me”.

“I have read it somewhere. Probably, on one of your t shirts. Why the heck would I go with you?” She replied.

“You will meet many guys like me but I ain’t gonna meet anyone like you”, Utkarsha said.

“I have read it somewhere. Yeah, now I remember. Narayanamurthy proposed Sudha Murthy in a similar way. I am not convinced”, She said again.

“When I wake up I see your face, when I sleep I see your face. What should I do? I can’t help it?” Utkarsha said with a hope in his eyes.

“Your problem. Many people tell me the same things every now n then.” She snapped.

The infatuation was now turning into madness. He felt as if he won’t enjoy his life again if she doesn’t accept. He forgot that these things happen often and one should be able to control himself.

“What should I do to convince you that I love you?” Utkarsha asked.

“Nothing”, quick reply came from her.

“Do you see Hindi movies? I mean emotional Hindi movies.” Utkarsha asked.

“Yes, of course.” She replied.

“So you must have seen actresses assuming the actor as their husband. Similarly, I have also assumed you as my prospective bride.” Utkarsha said again.

“Ha Ha Ha Ha. Which temple did you go to?” She asked.

“Bajrang Bali Ke”, Utkarsha replied.

She fell down laughing.

“So, you are ready. Right?” , Utkarsha giggled.

“Excuse me.” She said.

“You are ready to be my would-be bride and a girl friend as of now” Utkarsha clarified.

“No. What made you feel so?” She said (still laughing).
“Do you want me to become another bachelor prime minister of India who writes poems?” Utkarsha said.
“I would love to see you as a prime minister but a bachelor prime minister who also writes poem will be a treat”, she winked.
“Ok. I will meet you after 50 years with all my poems which I will write in your memories.” Utkarsha said loudly.

“Sure.” She said.

One year passed…
Second year passed…
Fifty years passed.

The breeze was cold. Utkarsha was holding a sheet of paper. A sudden gust of wind snatched the paper from his hand. He started running after the flying paper but he suddenly stopped.

“Khwabon main,
Khayalon main,
Din main,
Raat main,
Pal Pal main,
Pani main,
Dharti main,
Akash main
Baadalon main,
Chand main,
Suraj main
Asha main,
Nirasha main,
Tum hi tum dikhti ho.

Kal bhi tum hi thi,
Aj bhi tum hi ho,
Bhula nahi paaya,
Samay bhi teri yadon ko,
Aj bhi teri muskaan ko sochkar,
Hum has lia karte hai,
Na main devdas bana,
Na hi devidas,
Manzilein paayi hai maine,
Jo soch rakhi thi,
Har kahani poori ki maine,
Par reh gayi ek adhoori kahani,
Jisme keval tum hi rahi aur tum hi rahogi,
Kal Bhi
Aj bhi….”

She read it aloud.
“You still look beautiful.” Utkarsha said.
“Kahan…I have grown old.” She blushed.
“So, did you marry?” She asked.
“No. I told you that I assumed someone as my …” Utkarsha said.

She was walking towards Utkarsha when she slipped and fell into his arms. Suddenly, the famous song from Andhi (Tum Aa gaye ho..Noor Aa gaya hai…featuring Sanjeev kumar and Suchitra Sen) started playing.

Utkarsha felt as if something dry had gone wet. Please don’t speculate much. It was Utkarsha’s roommate who had just poured a bucket of water on Utkarsha’s face to wake him up.

Utkarsha was awake. He asked his roommate, “Abe kitna aacha sapna dekh raha. Budhape main ishq lada raha tha”

His friend poured another bucket of water on him”Ab jaag Jaa”.


2 Responses to

  1. Dheeraj says:

    arre budhau kisne laat maari … yaa jawaani sapne dekhte hi guzar gayi … abe aaj bhi bahut si safed baalo waali bhatak rahi hai … kisi ko propose maar de … best of luck for not getting kicked again 😛

  2. Piyushkg says:

    Kya re itna tension 😀

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