Yet Another Story

Like the sun rises every day and sets on the same day; like the Monday comes after every seven days; like a new year starts after every 365 days normally and after 366 days if it’s a leap year; like the age increases after every 365 days normally and after 366 days if it’s a leap year; Valentine days has come again. Being a human who has passed 26 years in this beautiful world, it becomes my responsibility to tell a story about a boy who started wearing fluorescent green t-shirt at some point of time which belonged to the valentine day and ended up wearing a fluorescent red T-shirt at some point of time which also belonged to the valentine day.

But, I must tell you at this point of time which does not belong the valentine day that he wore green because he was single and looking and he wore red because he was still single but not looking. People with ‘fragile’ hearts please don’t stop reading this because it is not the story which says a single word about a heart break but tells that if you fall for someone, it doesn’t matter she/he doesn’t share the same interest with you.

They were good friends. Anurag and Anumeha were just good friends. None of them realized that they liked each other. They would meet everyday and talk about the things; they would take each other’s advice; they would tell each other about their latest crush; they would ask each other about the things they should do and what shouldn’t; they would play pranks with each other.

Anurag had got a crush on a girl whom he had not really seen but her pictures on the internet looked really beautiful. After all beauty is the first thing guys fall for. He tried to contact her but as expected she was not interested and Anurag himself couldn’t give any convincing reasons to himself. Then he told his feelings to Anumeha. He though Anumeha might help him in approaching her. Anumeha tried to help her and during one these discussions Anurag realized that he likes Anumeha. Crushes happen but he can’t even sleep well if he doesn’t talk to Anumeha; the first thought which comes to his mind when he wakes up in the morning was about Anumeha.

On a bright and sunny day he told Anumeha that he likes her. She couldn’t believe him that he was telling her the truth. He kept trying to convince her but he failed. Then he thought that one day she would also realize it. They did meet everyday; they did talk as they used to do; Anurag loved her as he used to. He still likes her but he knows that that feelings can be one sided also and one should cherish this feeling. Every valentine’s day he would give her a red rose and ask her to be his valentine. He had been doing this for the last three years. But, this is a leap year. In a leap year, the girl has to gift the flowers to the boy. Let’s see what happens……



4 Responses to

  1. vivek says:

    so did u got the red rose the day is about to over …….

  2. Ravish says:

    No saar, I didn’t get any flower not even a cauliflower.


  3. Partha (PPD) says:

    wah wah ! bhavana-e ubhar ke aa gaya…Hmm..agar Anurag (for keepsake maan lo ki tum – kakka ho) to batao Anumeha [:)] kyon hai ??

    Huzoor..jab tumne bola “He still likes her but he knows that that feelings can be one sided also and one should cherish this feeling. Every valentine day he would her a red rose….”, to lagta hai tumhare dil ki baat blog me daal diya.

    To is baar phool (red rose) mila ki bheja ?? Agar bheja to kitne logo-ko bheja/diya ? Waise Thursday ko, logo ne bataya, ki aap bahut saare single rose’s leke ghar se nikle the ????/

  4. vivek says:

    haan dada aap sahi kah rahey eyh single roses le kar nikale the aur aaj bhi yeh single hi hain…..:D
    aur roses kak ya hua taht is secret….:)

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