Life on a fast track

When I was a kid I lived every moment more than I wanted to. That was the time when I did wait for the next moment because I had enough for the current moment. But, now I always fall short of time in a moment. Life is running at a speed not enough to reach the next station at the right time. I am not done with the current moment and the next moment comes and it keeps coming. I keep struggling. I keep fighting.

On the last day of every year, I feel like a new life is going to start from the next day. But, nothing changes. We celebrate and it passes by. Second by second; minute by minute; day by day, time runs away from me and I keep running behind it with a hope that I will have enough time in the next moment.

Plans, dreams, aspirations,
Some come true,
Some left behind,
Left behind but not forgotten,
Still in my mind,
The memory remains,
Memories sweet ‘n’ sour,
Of what I got,
Of what I lost,
One by one weeks and months pass by,
I don’t find time,
To celebrate for some more time,
To repent again for the lost time,
Every now and then,
I live a moment,
With a sense of Déjà vu,
‘Coz the memory is still afresh,
With the events happened long back,
Suddenly I realize,
I am running out of time,
Then I gear up,
To chase,



One Response to

  1. ajit says:

    In cildhood you had surpulus time. find the moment where you lost this surplus :). And you can know how to be on time.

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